Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Mad Men Era Teen - Sunday

Dear Diary, Church was good this morning. Joyce and I sat on the back pew and watched all the boys down front. I wore my dress and matching coat with that cute little roller hat. It mashed my hair down but I managed to get it sprayed and fluffed before Joyce and I went skating. I wore my new pleated dress to the Skating rink because it's so easy to skate in and looks good with my skates. My pink pom poms contrast nicely with the grey of the dress since Mama had the collar made in pink. I sure wish Bobby skated, but he just doesn't like to go to the Rink. But I met the cutest guy and we skated all the couples skates. I really like Bobby Vinton's new song, Roses are Red but the really fun one is to click and clack to The Wanderer by Dion...........he's so dreamy..................

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