Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Babylon Mall is having a Happy New Year Sale and La Dolce Vintage and La Dolce Vintage Dainties and Unmentionables has everything in the store marked 20%-40% off. Just click the images to see the discounts on already low prices.

And Everyone......Have a Great and Safe New Year!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Specials and Vintage Blowout Sale

It's Black Friday and the busiest shopping day of the year..........along with the Vintage Blow Out Sale on eBay, I am offering a 15% coupon on any purchases from www.cemetarian.com

Just use the coupon code VBO

Today I'm adding bunches of Coats and Suits and Jackets from all eras. 1950's, 1960's, 1970', 80's and newer.

I'm also adding several holiday Craft patterns, it not too late to grab a sweet Santa Claus and get him made in time for Christmas, or if Angels or Elves are more to your liking, I've got several of them also.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lana Turner & James Galanos

No, they don't really have anything in common, except for the fact that they were both in Hollywood at the same time. One designed clothing and the other wore it extremely well.

The only connection they have is the fact that I got this wonderful Imitation of Life Photo Album and the Simply Stunning Chantilly Lace GALANOS Dress at the same Estate Sale. And as I was photographing and writing the listings for both I couldn't help but notice the similarity of the Lace dress Miss Turner is wearing and the Galanos Lace Dress.

That's the only connection..............except for the fact that both Turner and Galanos were outstanding in their fields.

The album was sent to the jeweler who supplied the $1,000,000 worth of jewelry worn by Lana in the film and there are 17 photos in the album with the cover letter. The album is currently listed at cemetarian on eBay.

The dress is one of the most exquisite garments I have ever had in my hands. The craftsmanship is beyond anything I have ever seen. It will be available on Monday, Nov 24th on cemetarian on eBay.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mollie Parnis Designers to First Ladies

Born to a poor immigrant family in New York City before the turn of the century, she started working at odd jobs when she was 8 years old, and eventually built a multimillion-dollar dress business. But her interests ranged well beyond her Garment District cutting rooms. She became a skilled collector of art and of people and contributed some of her fortune to the beautification of New York and Jerusalem.

Dresses she designed were worn by First Ladies from Mamie Eisenhower to Betty Ford. Lady Bird Johnson became a a close friend and one year, one of Miss Parnis's designs was bought by four Kennedys in four separate cities.

In her office, Miss Parnis kept photographs of First Ladies wearing her designs posed with their husbands, as well as a signed photograph of Lyndon B. Johnson in a shirt she had made for him. To four Presidents, she was Mollie, but as often as she was invited to the White House, she said she could never get over the thrill of being in what she called "the President's house." Simple Beginning.

And this Coppery Brown and Black Silk Jaquard Mad Men BEAUTY can be yours, this week at cemetarian on eBay.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

They're Everywhere! They're Everywhere!

Well, not exactly EVERYWHERE but close to it.......we have expanded to multi venues and are adding more all the time. This week we are Celebrating the Seventies and I've chosen a handfull of great 70's things to show you from some of our various sites.



We have a couple of other venues and if you would like to find us Every Where We Sell, just clicky on the linky!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Time is HERE!!!!

And cemetarian at eBay has 4 luscious Holiday Party Outfits ready to go.

From the 60's and 70's...........choose OOAK Homemade or Designer Labeled or somewhere in between.

This green sequin beauty was lovingly homemade and is truly exquisite and the Black Cocktail Party dress has had the label removed but it appears to have been a Quality Garment. Organdy over dress with Maribou trim.

This heavy beaded beauty was Made in Hong Kong and has all the aspects you would except. Solid sequin top with more than 300 prong set rhinestones and thousands of orange and white and amber colored beads. The wool Hig Hugger Palazzo Pants have 130 inch leg hems, are permenately pleated and have a 4 inch beaded band around the waist.

Last but NOT least..............this gorgeous evening dress has a empire waist in front and a dipped waist in back with pleats across the bust and a demi Watteau pleat. From Alfred Bosand (designer for Miss America in 1963). STUNNING!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ain't THAT a Kick in the Head?

As I was scanning several 1960-1965 Needlecraft books, I got the inspiration for another FUN music slide show. This is is just fashions from 1960-1965..........and who better to present it that Mr Forever Cool...........Dino, himself.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make and Mend For VICTORY

When I found this booklet in my stash this morning, I said to myself "Self, how appropriate for the current economic situation?"

Make and Mend for Victory published in 1942 by the Spool Cotton Company.

We all know that during the war housewives all over the country pitched in, not only as Rosie the Riveter by taking their place in the factories, but by conserving everything they could at home.

This little booklet has a CONSUMER'S VICTORY PLEDGE:

"As a consumer, in the total defense of democracy, I will do my part to make my home, my community, my country ready, efficient, strong. I will buy carefully -- I will take good care of the things I have -- I will waste nothing --

The booklet spells out just how to accomplish this with the wardrobe you have on hand.

Of course the first sections are about mending and altering garments...............but the fun part comes when they start to describe how you can utilize collars, and jabots to dress up your plain everyday dresses. (complete with instructions)

There's a great section on Smart Headwork ....A Ball of Yarn a Scrap of Felt and YOU....Looking like a Fashion Photo.

But the very best sections are the ones on remaking garments. You Have the Goods on Him (How to cut his suit down to fit YOU) and The Shirt Off His Back (Making childrens blouses and dresses from his old shirts).

And my final favorite...............There's Life in the Old Girl Yet (How to make a Jerkin from a Dress, a Jumper from a dress, Playsuit from a dress and a Bathing Suit from a dress)

The Front fly page of the book gives us these words of wisdom, which I think we might should take to heart, 64 years later.

"It's up to you to keep the home fires burning, to see that you and your family stay easy-on-the-eyes. Fortunately, you cane be patriotic and pretty both. It's easy to teach an old wardrobe new tricks, to resurrect the skeletons in your closet and bring them up to date. Come on, take those old knockabouts and turn them into knockouts, keep that glint in Uncle Sam's eye and still do your stint towards Victory!"

Find it HERE

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brrrrr... Baby I'ts COLD Outside

We finally got below 40 degrees at night here in North Texas, so I've dug out the Coats and am listing them over the next couple of weeks. There are some great ones and at really good bargain prices because I need ROOM in the storage closet.

So grab em while they're available at cemetarian on eBay.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Sale at Babylon Mall


Don't miss it! Great Bargains..............just click on the pumpkin and go save a bundle.

Friday, October 3, 2008

How to Butcher a Rattlesnake, How to Make Home Made Yeast and other Interesting tidbits.

I am listing cookbooks and Household tips this week on cemetarian and I found this section in a cookbook I was listing and just had to share the information because I know that inquiring minds want to know.

Cut head off about 4 inches behind head. Hang by tail just below rattles so that snake may bleed well. With sharp knife, on belly side and beginning at head end, split skin entire length. Starting with head end, separate skin from meat and peel upward to place where snake is tied; strip entrails from body of snake and dispose of.

Clip body of snake where it is tied and drop in fresh cold brine water (either cover container or be sure to stand by it, because the snake will crawl out of water). Take down skin, salt well and roll scales on outside; place in container with lid and freeze until ready to tan. When body has stopped crawling, remove and wash in fresh cold water; chop in lengths 3 to 4 inches long.

Note: Be sure to dispose of heads in covered container. DO NOT USE HANDS.

There ya have it folks...........just what you always wanted to know.

And here is the cook book named CHOCTAW NATION Sharing Our Favorite Recipes

And then there were these little tidbits:

"To remove the taste of turnips from Milk" (use one pound of saltpeter to one gallon of boiling water), "Simple Home Made Yeast" (One cup water, one half cup sugar, enough flour to make a moderately stiff batter. Let stand in warm place for 4-8 days or til it rises and falls) YUM!

Those and many more great hints are found in Tempting Traditions! Fannin County, Texas Cookbook

Or here's a great article (1951 style) on Natural Birth Control Why? When? How? in the October 1951 issue of Pagent Magazine.

More as I find them.....LOL... or you can go look for yourself in our Books and Magazine section

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn.....Time for Skirts and Sweaters

Cooler weather calls for digging the sweaters our of storage and thinking more about layers. And if you don't have just the perfect period piece to wear, there are many many instructions for re-creating those fabulous sweaters from years gone by. At cemetarian we have vintage knitting and crochet booklets with wonderful sweaters for both him and her.......young or not so young.

Chadwicks Red Heart, Mohair, Spinnerin are just a few of the brands as well as Annies Attic and McCall's.

Love this Botticelli and Raphael reference to the sweaters below.

And of course, what you wear under that sweater is as important as the sweater itself. And what better base for the perfect sweater than the perfect skirt. Long or short, Full or slim..or somewhere in-between.

And don't forget pants..........skinny pants, full legged pants, short pants just about any type of pants you want, you can find them in our Separates categories.

So come and visit our revamped website today. We're offering a "Under Construction" Sale to thank our fabulous customers for their patience while we redecorate and restructure the place. Just use the coupon code UC and receive 15% off. Good till the 15th of October at 11:59PM

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joan Crawford Shoulders or 90's does 40's

I just got through listing a rather large batch of 1990's Vogue Patterns to my website and couldn't help but be reminded how the padded shoulders of the 90's were reminiscent of the padded shoulders of the 40's.

So I put together a little show of the ones I thought were the most Joan Crawford-ish.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to Catch a MAN!!! 1960 Style

Of course they didn't tell us what to do with him once he was caught...but that information really wasn't suitable for publication in 1960. Actually the article is entitled "How to be Popular" But the answer to that wasn't suitable for publication either so they just beat around the bush, and taught us girls to tease a lot.

Lots of pretty dresses with full or very slim skirts were designed to catch a man's eye............after all no self respecting woman was worth her salt, if she didn't have a man to take care of poor little ole her. So to get that perfect hour glass figure it was recommended that you
"dream" your way into the proper foundations.

LOL............this was written with my tongue in my cheek because I bought the whole package in 1960 and parts of me still does...........which could be why I'm still married after 36 years. Or I could just be lucky.

But if you want to read it for fun or to really see how the distaff side lived in the Mid Century this charming Ladies Home Journal is listed on ecrater at cemetarian.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Evolution of Women's Career Suits

With more women entering the work force during World War II, the clerical jobs formerly occupied by men were filled with women. Trying to maintain some status and not look frivolous in the serious world of commerce and industry, women adopted a Masculine Look with Wide padded shoulders and complete covering from neck to below the knee. But you will notice that they did manage to keep a semblance of femininity with a very fitted waistline and peplum jackets that emphasized their hips.

This lovely Gabardine suit, found on Babylon Mall, is completely dart fitted in front and back and the peplum jacket flares nicely over a pencil slim skirt.

After Johnny Came Marching Home, women we reluctant to give up their new found status in the professional world and some managed to keep their jobs and opened new employment opportunities for young women who wanted a career instead of a life of domestic bliss (notice that both was seldom an option at this time.)

The 50's ushered in a similar but softening look in career wear. These three suits have a less structured feel although in the first shoulder pads are still prominent but smaller. The waist is softened with velvet trim on the jacket and a velvet pocket. The Pumpkin Spice flecked suit is boxy over a still slim skirt. But the fabric flows and shows all those feminine curves within the box. And the 3rd in this series is Femininity Personified. Fitted waist, small peplum that is enhanced with ruched trim and a full flared skirt and don't forget the lower V neckline.

The 60's brought us a very new look with the influence of Jackie Kennedy. Her taste and particular figure requirements brought us the A line skirt and short boxy yet softer jackets. Less emphasis on the waistline and more emphasis on the Total LOOK!

These three beauties are all distinctly tailored for that Classic Chic Jackie Style.

The first is a pink brocade with glittery buttons. The 2nd is a blue shantung with heavily beaded collar and the last is a heavy slubbed silk in pink with cranberry trim and a ruffled cranberry collar.

Just prior to the British Invasion and the MOD era, swingy pleated skirts and lowered waistlines were not only casual and comfy but practical and just plain fun to wear. This fab suit from Donavan Galvani is a cranberry and wine combo. The skirt is pleated and the jacket is semi fitted in the waist with a belt. Shawl collar and ribbed sleeves finish off the look.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Has Started and Fall is just Around the Corner.

And cool morning and warm afternoons give us a need to layer. This great dress and coat set from Garguilo for Smith & Jones still has it's original Hang tag and is ready to go at La Dolce Vintage on Babylon Mall.

For the MOD Squad, we have a pair of square toed pilgrim shoes and matching handbag with the neatest brass studs.

And if the Renaissance Faire is your cup of tea, this gorgeous corset front maxi dress with huge lace belled sleeves from Roberta of California, is just the item you are looking for.