Saturday, July 18, 2009

Teenage Idol's My How They've Changed

This whole train of thought started with an Estate Sale yesterday morning. There on the ladies dresser was an old billfold.........still in it's box and a pretty bright blue. I recognized the style from the late 50's when I first started carrying a billfold. I needed something to carry my student discount card for the movies (we didn't have SS numbers then and got into the movies for .10 instead of .25 with the card).

I of course, grabbed the box and immediately checked to see who's photo was included, because there was always a picture of someone in the picture folder.........and lo and behold the memories came flooding back. Ricky Nelson in all his young glory.

Of course the company who supplied this paper copy forged the name and didn't really know that Rick spelled his name RICKY not RICKIE. But who cares....the face is the same and the memories still as sharp........watching Ozzie and Harriet just to see what Rick was up to every week and wait for that closing song........and dancing at the Jr High dances and skating at the Skating Rink to Hello, Mary Lou.....SIGH. It does this old heart good to step back to a simpler time now and then.

For you youngsters who aren't familiar and for you more mature women who do remember, here's a bit of Ricky just for fun!

And just to prove the point, that the more things change the more they stay the same..........the beat may be a bit different and the clothes a little more suggestive...........but teen heart throbs thrive in every for the young or the young at's the Jonas Brothers. (and even this old lady thinks they're kinda cute)

Oh yeah, and if you're still with me.....the wallet (complete with cheesy paper phot0) can be had this week on cemetarian on eBay.