Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Grandpa Watt and the Confederacy

This is my Daddy and my great-grandfather Watterson Knox Polk Ownby (WKP or Watt for short), taken in 1927. Like all young men in Middle Tennessee in 1861 he answered the call to arms and enlisted in the Infantry and later the Calvary where he was promoted to Sgt. He was captured near Hillsboro, TN Sept 17 1864 and was paroled at Camp Chase, Ohio, Feb 13 1865. Like so many Confederate Veterans he spoke little of his war years or of his time spend in the POW camp. But after moving to Texas in 1885 he did attend 2 reunions for Confederate Veterans. I have been honored to be passed these sentimentally priceless souvenirs of the reunions he attended. For more about my Ownby Family check out my Ownby page on our website.

Because these have been in my possesion for so many years and I wouldn't part with them for any price, I was surprised to find the ones below. I couldn't imagine any family member letting such a thing pass from their hands. But they did. I didn't fully realize the true rarity of these beauties until I started doing a bit of research. So I'm offering these 2 reunion pin backs on our new shop on Bonanzle.

And in addition this Southern Cross of Honor was with the two pin backs. It too is being offered.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

IceStorm Fun! Birdseed Popcicles and Frozen Peanut Butter

Since I spend so much time at this computer, I had the hubby remove my widow screen so I could get photos of the birds and squirrels as they feed 4 foot from my desk.

We just had an Icestorm and the babies were hungry. But I didn't realize HOW hungry til I noticed this beauty eating a birdseed popcicle. The sleet had frozen in the bottom of the cup with the last bit of seed and he managed to dig it out and sat there for 15 minutes munching away on ice and millet.

And then I spotted this duo which is very unusual. A woodpecker and a wren sharing the same peanut butter and seed pine cone. Their friendship didn't last long but I did manage to capture it for posterity.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Puff Sleeves and Smallpox Vacinations

When I was in the First Grade in 1954, we got our Smallpox Vaccinations through the School system...........I remember it like it was yesterday. We all went down to the Municipal Building on a School Bus and stood in line for a nurse to poke us on the arm................lots of tears and lots of screaming for all those little 6 year olds.........I don't remember it hurting that much, but kinda like Childbirth.........the pain fades............

But what I do remember is the cookie and cup of Koolaid we got after the shot. Plus, we were out of school. Now after spending a total of 3 weeks in school, why would that be a treat? Who knows the mind of a 6 year old.

Anyway, the other thing I remember is..........the big honkin' sore that came up on my arm a week that time all little girls were puff sleeves that fit tight around the upper arm (not elastic) what did the enterprising post depression Mom's do? Of course they cut one sleeve out of the there was a plethora of little 1st grade girls running around town with one puff sleeve and one bare arm.

This is a perfect example of the dresses we wore that year.

Of course we didn't wear the Sundress version.............even though it was warm enough here in Texas and there was no air conditioning....the concept(for Eisenhower Era Moms) was that it was September and a New School Year so you wore, New School Clothes.........WOW have Times Changed!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coming Soon to La Dolce Vintage at Babylon Mall

Not often but every once in a while you hit an Estate Sale that is Sweeeet! that happened to us last week. The lady only kept 3 vintage pieces but WOW were they worth keeping.

The pale Coral Evening Gown has hundreds of prong set rhinestones across the midriff and on the Goddess bodice. A full sweep Georgette skirt and slinky acetate lining. The little black number calls for a Mambo contest in Havana in the 30's. Dance to the rhythm and when you step outside for a bit of air, the gold embroidered bolero will keep your shoulders warm. After a night on the town, slip into this luscious robe and sip that final glass of champagne.