Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Mad Men Era Teen - Saturday

Dear Diary, I LOVE Saturdays! No school. I slept kinda late this morning and after breakfast I washed my hair and set it in rollers. I have the cutest pink ruffled net roller bonnet and the elastic is not all stretched out and it went perfect with the turquoise and lavender capri outfit that I wore to the movies this afternoon. Linda and I went downtown and shopped for nail polish and then went to see Dr No with Sean Connery...........SIGH....he is so dreamy. Then after the movie we stopped at the Dairy Queen and had a Butter Pecan Sundae and went to her house to get ready for our dates tonight. Bobby and I doubled with her and Billy, since Billy does have a car. We went to the drive in and saw The Music Man. It was so much fun and the music is still ringing in my ears. I wore my new blue dress with the shaped neckline and the full skirt. Mama had the one with the straight skirt made for her and said I could have one next year when I'm 15. She's not ready for me to give up the petticoats yet.

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