Friday, October 12, 2007

Back to Basics.....Nightgowns

I did a segment on Nightsweats a few months ago, but today let's pretend that is no longer an issue and we want to go back to the beginning when being pretty and sexy was important. LOL

I picked up this fabulous 1938 nightgown pattern the other day. Can you just imagine the time it took to construct with all the tiny pin tucks at the shoulder and waist? But OH! the wonderful feeling of all the silky fabric flowing around your legs as you move across the room. This one really requires young eyes to make and a young body for it to adorn. Or maybe not.......even us old ladies have our fantasies. And you're never too old to just feel good about yourself.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm So Glad I can Wear Jeans! or Sweats

I do remember the days of girdles and stockings, white gloves and hats, but thank goodness those days are behind us. The Free Wheeling MOD 60's pretty much allowed us to "let it all hang out" and now days with casual Fridays (and just about every other day, too).....well....there are no restrictions for the modern woman.

But step back in time 100 years. The well dressed woman of the Edwardian Era started with the "s" curve corset, which forced the spine forward and thrust the buttocks backward.

After she managed to get herself into this contraption, she pad where necessary to accentuate her narrow waistline. She would then would don drawers (pantaloons), petticoats, corset cover, stocking, and lace up boots. Finally the finely textured blouse and skirt. She would end up looking a lot like this.

Can you imagine doing ANYTHING dressed and trussed like that? I can't. I can barely stand to wear panty hose, and do, only when necessary. But if you are so inclined to play dress up and want an exquisite white linen Shirtwaist and Skirt we have just the thing for you this week at cemetarian

If you are in a Do It Yourself mood Vintage4me2 has this lovely 1905 Waist pattern.

Here's a great site for information on the Edwardian Era

As the era evolved, things loosed up just a bit and the silhouette changed. The waistline shifted to more of an Empire and the Hobble skirt came into being. You'll notice we got a bit of relief around the waistline, but we still couldn't run away.........isn't that what you do to a horse to keep it from running?

If this style and silhouette are more to your liking Dorothea's Closet has just the right Titanic overdress.