Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Grandpa Watt and the Confederacy

This is my Daddy and my great-grandfather Watterson Knox Polk Ownby (WKP or Watt for short), taken in 1927. Like all young men in Middle Tennessee in 1861 he answered the call to arms and enlisted in the Infantry and later the Calvary where he was promoted to Sgt. He was captured near Hillsboro, TN Sept 17 1864 and was paroled at Camp Chase, Ohio, Feb 13 1865. Like so many Confederate Veterans he spoke little of his war years or of his time spend in the POW camp. But after moving to Texas in 1885 he did attend 2 reunions for Confederate Veterans. I have been honored to be passed these sentimentally priceless souvenirs of the reunions he attended. For more about my Ownby Family check out my Ownby page on our website.

Because these have been in my possesion for so many years and I wouldn't part with them for any price, I was surprised to find the ones below. I couldn't imagine any family member letting such a thing pass from their hands. But they did. I didn't fully realize the true rarity of these beauties until I started doing a bit of research. So I'm offering these 2 reunion pin backs on our new shop on Bonanzle.

And in addition this Southern Cross of Honor was with the two pin backs. It too is being offered.

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