Thursday, January 29, 2009

IceStorm Fun! Birdseed Popcicles and Frozen Peanut Butter

Since I spend so much time at this computer, I had the hubby remove my widow screen so I could get photos of the birds and squirrels as they feed 4 foot from my desk.

We just had an Icestorm and the babies were hungry. But I didn't realize HOW hungry til I noticed this beauty eating a birdseed popcicle. The sleet had frozen in the bottom of the cup with the last bit of seed and he managed to dig it out and sat there for 15 minutes munching away on ice and millet.

And then I spotted this duo which is very unusual. A woodpecker and a wren sharing the same peanut butter and seed pine cone. Their friendship didn't last long but I did manage to capture it for posterity.

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