Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unsung Heros! Funeral Directors and Staff!

We sing the praises of our First Responders in the time of crisis. Rightfully so, they deserve it!

But something came to my attention this week, that I had never thought about. Our town experienced a different type of tragedy. A bus carrying 55 Vietnamese Church members from Houston to a retreat in Missouri, had a major fatality accident. See Story Here

As sirens screamed, blue lights flashed and Air Ambulances blew the trees around, Emergency Medical Teams triage the surviving, Police directed and diverted traffic and the Red Cross and Salvation Army offered sustenance to the volunteers and staff.

But who is attending to the 12 deceased?

Funeral Directors and their staff. They are the ones who transport the bodies and offer counsel to the victims families, prepare the bodies for viewing and make arrangements for transport to the home communities. The overwhelming work load was compounded by the fact that the families were 300 miles from home and had a language barrier.

I would like to offer a tribute to these Unsung Heroes, and call attention to the fabulous job they do and the smooth and calm manner in which they do it. Within 24 hours of the accident which occurred at 12:35 AM all of the bodies had been processed and on their way to their families and final resting places.

Thank you each and every one. Dannel Funeral Home, Waldo Funeral Home, Angelica Funeral Home.


BigAssBelle said...

You're right. We rarely think of the funeral homes. When I was in child welfare, the funeral homes in town were always willing to bury a child who was killed or one who died of any illness, at no cost to the family. It was a generous offer and an important one. So many families with young kids are just starting out and the cost of a funeral can be enormous. They don't often get thanked for their service. It was nice of you to write this.

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