Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gladiators---Lions Tigers & Bears Oh My! And maybe a Duck or two.

Found in the ancient Roman Colliseum, on those mighty fighters the gladiators, who fought Lions and tiger and bears Oh My! Well not really but you get the picture. These beauties are really from the early 70's and are made from regular ole cowhide suede leather. Although they are from Senor Daniello and are Made in Italy. Who knows maybe they are ancient hides from a by gone era.

But on a lighter side, who can ever resist a rubber duckie/ducky. This vinyl reversible raincoat has all it's "ducks in a row"........Both will be available soon on cemetarian on eBay

But if you're looking for that very special Summer Dress.........check out this gorgeous White Mexican Wedding Dress or this Cotton Barkcloth Hawaiian Wateau Dress

at La Dolce Vintage at Babylon Mall.

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