Friday, August 29, 2008

Evolution of Women's Career Suits

With more women entering the work force during World War II, the clerical jobs formerly occupied by men were filled with women. Trying to maintain some status and not look frivolous in the serious world of commerce and industry, women adopted a Masculine Look with Wide padded shoulders and complete covering from neck to below the knee. But you will notice that they did manage to keep a semblance of femininity with a very fitted waistline and peplum jackets that emphasized their hips.

This lovely Gabardine suit, found on Babylon Mall, is completely dart fitted in front and back and the peplum jacket flares nicely over a pencil slim skirt.

After Johnny Came Marching Home, women we reluctant to give up their new found status in the professional world and some managed to keep their jobs and opened new employment opportunities for young women who wanted a career instead of a life of domestic bliss (notice that both was seldom an option at this time.)

The 50's ushered in a similar but softening look in career wear. These three suits have a less structured feel although in the first shoulder pads are still prominent but smaller. The waist is softened with velvet trim on the jacket and a velvet pocket. The Pumpkin Spice flecked suit is boxy over a still slim skirt. But the fabric flows and shows all those feminine curves within the box. And the 3rd in this series is Femininity Personified. Fitted waist, small peplum that is enhanced with ruched trim and a full flared skirt and don't forget the lower V neckline.

The 60's brought us a very new look with the influence of Jackie Kennedy. Her taste and particular figure requirements brought us the A line skirt and short boxy yet softer jackets. Less emphasis on the waistline and more emphasis on the Total LOOK!

These three beauties are all distinctly tailored for that Classic Chic Jackie Style.

The first is a pink brocade with glittery buttons. The 2nd is a blue shantung with heavily beaded collar and the last is a heavy slubbed silk in pink with cranberry trim and a ruffled cranberry collar.

Just prior to the British Invasion and the MOD era, swingy pleated skirts and lowered waistlines were not only casual and comfy but practical and just plain fun to wear. This fab suit from Donavan Galvani is a cranberry and wine combo. The skirt is pleated and the jacket is semi fitted in the waist with a belt. Shawl collar and ribbed sleeves finish off the look.

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