Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make and Mend For VICTORY

When I found this booklet in my stash this morning, I said to myself "Self, how appropriate for the current economic situation?"

Make and Mend for Victory published in 1942 by the Spool Cotton Company.

We all know that during the war housewives all over the country pitched in, not only as Rosie the Riveter by taking their place in the factories, but by conserving everything they could at home.

This little booklet has a CONSUMER'S VICTORY PLEDGE:

"As a consumer, in the total defense of democracy, I will do my part to make my home, my community, my country ready, efficient, strong. I will buy carefully -- I will take good care of the things I have -- I will waste nothing --

The booklet spells out just how to accomplish this with the wardrobe you have on hand.

Of course the first sections are about mending and altering garments...............but the fun part comes when they start to describe how you can utilize collars, and jabots to dress up your plain everyday dresses. (complete with instructions)

There's a great section on Smart Headwork ....A Ball of Yarn a Scrap of Felt and YOU....Looking like a Fashion Photo.

But the very best sections are the ones on remaking garments. You Have the Goods on Him (How to cut his suit down to fit YOU) and The Shirt Off His Back (Making childrens blouses and dresses from his old shirts).

And my final favorite...............There's Life in the Old Girl Yet (How to make a Jerkin from a Dress, a Jumper from a dress, Playsuit from a dress and a Bathing Suit from a dress)

The Front fly page of the book gives us these words of wisdom, which I think we might should take to heart, 64 years later.

"It's up to you to keep the home fires burning, to see that you and your family stay easy-on-the-eyes. Fortunately, you cane be patriotic and pretty both. It's easy to teach an old wardrobe new tricks, to resurrect the skeletons in your closet and bring them up to date. Come on, take those old knockabouts and turn them into knockouts, keep that glint in Uncle Sam's eye and still do your stint towards Victory!"

Find it HERE


Lynette said...

how sweet. my mother must have had one of those, because she was big on cutting down old garments and making new ones. what a lovely thought ~ to use things up, to mend, to take care of. . .

Kimberly Ann said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm looking for examples of crafting for Victory type patterns and this one was very interesting.

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