Thursday, March 18, 2010

Viva La 1960's

The 1960's saw more radical change in fashion than any other decade. From the structured, waist cinching 50's the emphasis in the early 60's was on a straighter line that was both slimming and elongating. These examples from 1963 show that both silhouette's were popular and women could choose the most flattering style for their body type, and not be forced into a particular mold.

In 1964, as shown below, the emphasis was still on 2 piece dresses, but with the straightend waist line.

1965, has more dresses and ensembles but even the sweaters are longer and do not emphasize the waist. Skirts are straight or pleated and pants are still skinny.

1966 starts to soften a bit with more flare to the hemline by way of A line skirts and coats. Luxurious trims in fur and fringe soften the lines also.

By 1967, dresses and coats are so simple with little structural detail. But interest and curves were created with color and pattern. Lots of color and lots of texture.

1968 become a bit more subdued, earthier colors and a back to nature trend is brought on in part by the folk loving hippie movement. Even the styles for mature women reflect a more Natural look.

In 1969, color and optics once again pop up while maintaining the natural look and feel in clothing. OP Art paired with Folk Art creates some stunning fashions.

All images are from Knitting and Crochet patterns books from the years sited. All can be found at Needlecraft on

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