Friday, October 12, 2007

Back to Basics.....Nightgowns

I did a segment on Nightsweats a few months ago, but today let's pretend that is no longer an issue and we want to go back to the beginning when being pretty and sexy was important. LOL

I picked up this fabulous 1938 nightgown pattern the other day. Can you just imagine the time it took to construct with all the tiny pin tucks at the shoulder and waist? But OH! the wonderful feeling of all the silky fabric flowing around your legs as you move across the room. This one really requires young eyes to make and a young body for it to adorn. Or maybe not.......even us old ladies have our fantasies. And you're never too old to just feel good about yourself.


Andrea said...

I love vintage nightgowns, so much prettier that today's pj's

Theresa said...

Have to agree there. Vintage nighties and lounging robes are definitely the way to go, no matter what your age. They do make you feel glamorous when wearing them and there sure is nothing wrong with that!

BigAssBelle said...

beautiful. i envision those made in that incredible, heavy-weight, oh-so-silky rayon from the '30s and '40s. i adore that fabric.