Saturday, October 6, 2007


Chez Cemetarian was mentioned on Martha Stewart Living on the Sept 24th segment on SEWING!

Everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame......I thought I had already had mine and then some......lots of things have happened in my 59 years that I am proud of (and a few that are NOT).....but yesterday I was checking out the referrals on my website and came across one that made me look. It was for Martha Stewart's Living Website.

I clicked on the link and sure enough, the segment was on sewing and in big bold letters were the words:

Chez Cemetarian
To purchase Chez Cemetarian designs and patterns, visit or

Now that is something that makes me proud. I don't know how they found our site or why they thought we were worthy of mention. But I sure am pleased.

If you haven't seen this segment there is a video on the page. It's a very good segment and it features Tim Gunn and Martha trying to drape a toga.......looks like fun.

Here's the site url:

Martha Stewart Sewing Show


Hoardmeister said...

DAHLING - Martha Stewart Living! My goodness, national television exposure by the Queen of How To Make Cunning Things Out Of Oddments! You are to be congratulated, my dear. I saw Tim Gunn during the Marc Bouwer show during Fashion Week last handsome in person, such a shame he bats for the other cricket team.

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...

Congratulations . . . you made the BIG TIME and with Tim Gunn to boot! That reminds me . . . . only a few more weeks until PROJECT RUNWAY! Hopefully you will get so many referrals that you have to take a MAJOR SHOPPING TRIP!

Judy said...

Sounds like the word is out, the place to shop for vintage patterns is at cemetarian's. You've earned the recognition, girl, hope every sewer in the world finds their way to your website....or at least half of them :

TressieFest said...

woo hoo ! Hooray for Rita and the Chez....Nice for the kudoos from entertainment-land acknowledging your Sew Specialness.
Been sewing for at least 4+ funny to see it Martha-ized...

BigAssBelle said...

that's marvelous! and i adore tim gunn and martha too! you belong right up there with them. your stuff is delicious.