Thursday, June 14, 2007

Night Sweats & Night Gowns

For those of us of a certain age, we know how night sweats can disrupt not only our sleep but that of our bed partners. That constant throwing off the covers and pulling them back up can get annoying to everything in the room.....including the cat and dog. I can't help you make them go away. Only Time, HRT, or herbal remedies can help with that. But I can give you some advice for making those pesky hot flashes a little more comfortable.


From Damn Good Vintage

Cotton, Silk and Linen BREATHE. They allow your body to breathe. When the drizzle starts between your breast, cause the internal fire has been stoked (I prefer to call them Energy Surges), you can at least swipe the moisture off with a natural fiber. The fiber absorbs and cools as it drys. I know that sounds gross but it's a fact.

You can go casual and comfy or you can go sexy and slinky. Of course cotton is comfy and silk is slinky. Which ever you prefer. or whichever your partner prefers. Or maybe it's just the dog. He doesn't care.....but then he's wearing a natural fiber.

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